Sunday, November 8, 2009


Jeremy asked about the pennant that flies at the top of the mainmast of Spartina. I wanted something that would reflect the design of the boat. The thing I liked about several of John's designs was the use of the yawl rig. So I combined the three sails of the yawl with John's initials.

The flag was a gift to the boat from my Mother, but she did not sew it. That was done by The Sailbag Lady. It wasn't cheap. She had to hand sew two flags and then stitch them back to back. She did a very nice job, the flag is very well made and will last a long time.
The flag arrived at the post office the evening before Spartina's first cruise, a spring trip to Tangier Sound in '07. I got it tied on that night as I packed the boat. It has been on there ever since - a total of six cruises and a ton of day sailing. I really like looking up past the bright white mainsail and seeing it there (it reminds me of my folks).
As far as I'm concerned anybody with a Welsford boat is welcome to the design.


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