Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carolina dreaming

Just digging back through some old photos from our '07 Pamlico Sound trip and thinking about next year. Below is a predawn photo heading down Taylor Creek east of Beaufort, the last day of the trip. I remember lugging our gear down to the town docks before there was even a hint of the sun on the horizon, looking down at the at tide pushing the water to the east. It was a spectacular morning and a great way to end the 100 mile journey. I'm just glad the tide was going with us.

And I think I've shown some frames similar to the one below in the past, but I can't help but like the photo so I wanted to show it again. That is at the very bottom of Pamlico Sound just east of the Swan Islands. The wind had died and it was glassy calm. What do you do? Throw out the anchor, a climb-back-aboard line and go swimming. It is the unexpected events, the unplanned moments that are the most interesting.

Thinking about next year I had been looking at starting in Washington, NC and heading east down the Pamlico River to Goose Creek and the ICW. But the Pungo River has caught my eye and maybe for the first day we should put in at Belhaven and head down the Pungo River to one of the little creeks near the junction of the Pungo and Pamlico Rivers. The river is about two miles wide and part of the ICW. It is about a 12 mile sail straight line to the mouth, but certainly more if the wind is out of the south or southwest and we need to tack. But an easy sail either way. With the drive down in the morning, rigging the boat, packing, etc, it is nice to start a trip with a short sail, get in to an anchorage and relax.

This is the route I am thinking about. Hmmm, has possibilities.


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