Saturday, May 1, 2010


I got my SPOT profile updated with emails for the OK and need assistance messages. Bought my ten day NC coast fishing license online and checked out the weather, below is the forecast for Hobucken starting next Tuesday.

That first day, 30% chance of thunderstorms, could almost be the daily forecast for the entire summer. I do like the temperatures being in the 70's for most of the trip. It looks like it could be very sunny the last couple of days, I'll make sure to have my hat with the wide brim. We'll have to see about wind. There are sites that do forecast the wind a week or two in advance but I've never found them to be all that accurate.

I'm not sure I'll make it down to Jones Bay after all. I had thought that the prohibited area was a little farther to the south and I would be able to sneak from Middle Bay to Jones Bay around Sow Island Pt. But I see now that the prohibited area extends up on the to marsh of Sow Island Point. I'll wait and see once I'm down there. Maybe I'll explore the Middle and Porpoise Bays, or maybe I'll go out and around the prohibited area to get to Jones Bay. We'll see.


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SandyBottom said...

I went around Sow Island Point, and saw other small fishing boats doing the same, all close to shore.
Seems a long way to go around. But I don't really know what the law out there.

The small cuts you asked me about from Jones Bay to Bay River are narrow and a bit twisty, similar in size to the canals around Cedar Island.

The map shows a cut into Jones Bay from middle bay, but I've heard the owner has put a fence across it which is always closed during hunting season. I don't know it's size.

Have a great trip.