Sunday, January 30, 2011

a new camera

I finally ordered a new camera, the Pentax Option W90 from Amazon.  I've been researching this for months trying to figure out what was the best way to go for a waterproof camera.  There were five or six in contention but after readying and comparing all the reviews I think this one is the best choice for me.

Part of that is based on the Pentax Optio W20 that I've used on Spartina for about four years.  I bought that one based on a recommendation by Kiwibird after she used one for an Everglades Challenge.  It worked well until this past fall when it started draining batteries regardless of whether the camera was turned on or not.  

While these cameras are listed as waterproof to 20 feet I still consider them "water resistant" and not "water proof."  I don't plan to take it underwater.  I just want a camera that can take the rain, salt spray and occasional drop on the deck and keep on working.
I've been leaning towards the camera for a while and have been watching the prices trying to get the best deal.  Watching the prices have been like watching the stock market.  The values have been continually changing.  I ordered today because the green model (which goes with Spartina's hull color), above, dropped down to under $200.  The black version, which had been under $200 for a while, went up to $214.  And the orange version is at $449.95.  Go figure.  When I first started researching the cameras the orange model, with an infared remote trigger included, was going for just about $200.  I should have bought futures in those cameras at that price.

 I also ordered a second battery, going with the original Pentax battery as opposed to the cheaper off brand batteries.  My sailing friend Paul, aka Danceswith SandyBottom, who also used a Pentax Optio camera, told me he had better luck with the Pentax batteries and in his opinion were worth the price. 

That's one more job I can take off the list of things I need to do to be ready for a March launch.



DancesWithSandyBottom said...


First let me clean this puddle drool off my keyboard...

Congratulations on the expected arrival: 5.7oz, 4.2". Very happy for you.

Eventually I would enjoy hearing your critical analysis of the W90. For example, how does it compare to your older Pentax Optio W20?

We're still waiting for our ancient Pentax Optio Wpi to give us a reason to replace it.


Steve said...

I'm doing the math here. You've got two boats in the Everglades Challenge, one camera. How does that work???


DancesWithSandyBottom said...


Good try. SandyBottom has the Wpi, SOS has his own W20.