Friday, January 7, 2011

past performance does not guarantee future results.....

The Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout is going on right now.  The last day is tomorrow.  We'll head out on our trip early Sunday morning.  Reports from the tournament are good.  Lots of fish.  And some some big fish. If I'm reading the reports right there have been stripers up to 44 inches long, some weighing over 80 pounds, brought back to the dock.  From my point of view the 130 boats fishing out there right now are just doing some scouting for us. 

We'll leave out of Rudee Inlet on the Gannet.  My guess is we'll head south toward the Virginia/North Carolina line.  All the fishing will be within three miles of the beach.  That is based on laws, but I'm not sure if that is state or federal rules in effect here.  Doesn't matter.  All I know is that it gives us that narrow stretch of water off the beach to look for fish.

Weather forecast is good.  Clear and cold (what else do you expect in January?).  But as for the fishing forecast, who knows?  
Fish on the line or not, we've always had a good time.  That is something we can count on.


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