Sunday, January 30, 2011

the last winter coat

Sunny and almost 50 degrees today.  Even warmer on our west-facing front porch.  Warm enough to get the last coat of varnish on the mast.  

As cold as it has been this winter I've been worried about getting all seven coats on.  But they are on there now.  Next weekend I'll put the hardware back on - the track for the goose neck, eye straps and all the other stuff I took off last November - an excellent project for Superbowl Sunday while I'm waiting for the game to start.

I also trimmed down an anti-fatigue mat that I bought at the hardware store.  I carry my rudder, tiller and boomkin on the sole of the aft cockpit of Spartina.  I usually put a towel and some blocks of wood beneath them.  But while trailering on the highways the things bounce around and that is a lot of wear and tear on the boat and the rudder/tiller/boomkin.  So I thought I might line the sole with this rubber mat to absorb the shock.  (Why do I carry those things in the boat when they would easily fit in the back of the jeep?  Because I can't forget them if they are always kept in the boat.  Nothing worse that getting to the ramp and realizing a crucial piece of gear is sitting back at the house.  Been there, done that.  Now I keep all the gear in the boat.)

This nice thick layer of rubber will be a nice cushion as we bounce down the highway.  I think it will work very well.  This mat runs back about two-thirds the length of the sole.  I'll get a second mat before the season starts to cover the rest of the floor.

And yesterday I got my outboard back from Jim.  Thanks Jim!  I haven't cranked it up yet, I'll probably do that mid-February.  I don't see any point in buying fuel now and letting it sit around for over a month before I start sailing.  But I have no doubt that the outboard will run like new.

While on a road trip last week I had some time to spare so dropped by an outdoor shop up in Richmond to pick up this Sea to Summit waterproof bag, just the right size to carry the spare gps and radio.  Bruce has a handful of these bags on board and the are just right for small items like first aid kits, etc.  I don't think you can have too many dry bags on a boat.

Things are coming a long.  I think I can even see a light at the end of the long dark tunnel called winter.



Anonymous said...

Looking Good!

Bill said...

So much to do; so little time...

I've got the engine out of my boat (it's a Universal Atomic 4) and at home in my workshop. I spent pretty much the entire weekend disassembling it for a complete overhaul.

I hope to get it all done, wrapped up and reinstalled in time to launch the boat in early April.

Also have to scrub the bilge good and clean and paint it, and completely re-wire the engine compartment.

...and miles to go before I sail...

Whose idea was it to buy an old sailboat? Oh....

OTOH, your varnish job looks pretty sweet!