Monday, June 25, 2012

The Three Faces of (st)Eve

We're back - we being Spartina and myself.  It was a great trip.  Like most sailing trips of a few days or more, we had a little bit of everything.  Wind, no wind.  Rivers, marshes, canals and bays.  Hot days under a burning sun, cool comfortable mornings and evenings.  Thunderstorms.  Friendly people and beautiful sights.  A little adventure and a little relaxation.

We made it as far south as Cape Lookout Bight, getting there by sailing outside (on the ocean side of Shackleford Banks, but really known to locals as Onslow Bay), and as far north as Belhaven.  I think it was about 214 miles of sailing over eight days.  I hope to start the daily logs in a few days once I get caught up on cleaning gear.

Thanks, as always, to Shawn at Pate Boatyard in Hobucken.  He helped me rig and launch Spartina, stored the jeep and the trailer for me on his property, kept an eye on me via the SPOT track, then helped me pull the boat out this morning.  Shawn and his friends on Goose Creek Island are always a treat to see.  I appreciate the hospitality, Shawn.

We did have some heat on this trip, particularly Friday and Saturday.  It reminded me of day seven of the Tag Team 200, with Paul and Dawn aboard Dawn Patrol, when the heat index his 105 degrees (though it did not get quite that hot this time around).  The night before Bruce and I had bought a six pack of Carib beer and stowed it in a bag of ice in Spartina's cooler.  That beer, enjoyed that evening on Beard Creek off of the Neuse River, was the coldest and best beer I have ever had.  On the hottest day of this trip, a windless afternoon on the Pungo River leaving out of Belhaven, I decided to reward myself, once I got home, with a couple of ice cold beers - in this case "Green Can" from O'Connor Brewing Company.  They are on ice right now.


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Baydog said...

Looking forward to the logs, Steve!
As usual, you seem to have enjoyed yourself to the fullest.