Saturday, June 2, 2012

weather and a reminder

Rain and wind this morning, then a slight clearing.   Now more rain and the wind is really kicking up.  Glad we are in port.  Leave tomorrow around noon.

Just a reminder that communication will be limited.  You should be able to see photos and updates at the link below, assuming our satellite communications hold up.


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JimB said...

Just returning home from Hampton, or should I say, tornado alley. Went by us 200' off the bow. We were very lucky.

Our only damage occurred in my shorts when I looked out the hatch after hearing 5 rapid horn blasts & saw the thing bearing down.

Pride of Baltimore had some damage as well as some yachts. A big ketch anchored a few hours earlier, had both masts look like wet noodles over the side, but didn't drag anchor. I couldn't find skipper to inquire about his ground tackle.

Hope you have better weather.