Monday, April 7, 2014

double reefed

In the forties with a stiff NE wind, yesterday was perfect for jib, mizzen and double reefed main.  The surprise was the clear blue skies.  Clouds had been forecast, but fortunately they failed to show.

I did, because of the temperature I suspect, have the parking lot, the ramp and the river to myself.  I did see a couple of power boats coming out of the western branch of the Elizabeth and there were a couple of waves from tug boat captains, but mostly it was just Spartina and I enjoying the wind and water.

While checking over gear the night before I found that the battery charger for the Fuji X-20 was not working.  I am glad that I found that problem now, and not just before leaving on a cruise.  I did buy a three year warranty on the camera and made a call this afternoon to hopefully get a new charger shipped to me.

The cranes working on Craford Bay were idle and anchored on the outer edge of the bay.  My impression was that their work - dredging up some old tar-like substances and replacing it with clean sand - is done.

If you look to the left of the photo above you will see the new downhaul for the main.   The line is too long and I will shorten it later this week, but the important thing is that it did work well.  Thanks for the tip, Stuart.

Sunny and cool yesterday, cold and rainy this morning, overcast and muggy this afternoon - Spring is fighting its way north.

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