Sunday, May 3, 2015

petty larceny, and other ways to get cruising gear

I went through the Watertribe's required equipment list and made sure I had all the gear I need, and maybe a little more.  Spartina has some items loaded on board, the rest will ride down to Hobucken in the back of the jeep.

I carry too much food, I always do.  Two fishing poles, one for trolling and one for casting.  I have three hats, a long billed baseball cap, a straw panama hat for hot, sunny days and an rei explorer hat for when it is rainy or windy.  My book is James Lee Burke's "Creole Belle," about the gulf coast during the oil spill a few years ago.  No one writes better or more lyrically about southern Louisiana.

As I packed I found I needed only two items:  those little pencils that are used to mark lottery tickets, which I use to jot notes in my waterproof notebook, and a roll of shop towels.  I grabbed three pencils at the grocery store's lottery stand, the shop towels I paid for.

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Bill said...

I hope you got yourself one of those hat leashes...

Mabu said...

how about every 2 or more hours on the Spot? but wonderful blog, thanks Harris

Anonymous said...

i think the count of my hats that are at the bottom of the Neuse River is up to six since I have been sailing.

Of course, it goes without saying to have a security strap on one's prescription glasses.

The day you forget that little detail is the day you reach through the stern rail to push the rudder down, and as you pull yourself back through, your glasses slide off and into the Neuse River.

Don't ask me how I know that.

Have a great trip, Steve!