Wednesday, May 20, 2015

you gotta know someone to get one

Goose Creek Island is, as Kristen said to me once, the place at the end of the road.  Literally.  Not many people go there, not many people even know it exists.  And I think that's just fine with the folks who live there on the edge of Pamlico Sound.

On sailing trips I like to collect stickers of place I've been.  The trailer is covered with the euro style stickers - Tilghman Island, Smith Island, Chincoteague, Beaufort, Manteo, New Bern, Cape Lookout, Ocean City, Ocracoke, Tangier Island, Lewes, St. Michaels, Rock Hall.....the list goes on.  The stickers aren't important to me, but the memories that come with them are, memories of the people I have met, the sights I have seen, the weather, the beauty and the chance to be part of a place outside of my routine world.  

There is one sticker that has eluded me, at least until now.  I finally have got my "GCI" sticker - Goose Creek Island.  I will tell you they are hard to find.  I'm not sure you can even buy one.  You need to know someone to get one.  And that someone probably lives at the place at the end of the road.  If you want to get your hands on one, I wish you luck. 

(It helps if you have a small boat, because the folks at Goose Creek Island like small boats.)


Beth said...

Hi Steve, it was a wonderful surprise to get one of these stickers. Was great to see you and I enjoy following your posts. Stay safe and happy sailing ; )

Steve said...

I do love the GCI stickers, hope the island folks enjoy them too. Looking forward to the next visit. best wishes steve