Monday, May 18, 2015

trading one Elizabeth for another (not the wife), odd numbers, dinners

I drove for two hours yesterday so I could sail 15 miles from my house.

One the road before 7:00 I had planned to be sailing off the Elizabeth City waterfront before 9:00.  Instead I was weaving my way through detours on Main Street which was blocked off for a festival.  Finally getting to the waterfront I found the ramp parking lot filled with carnival rides.  Oops.

I drove back to Norfolk to the Haven Creek boat ramp, one that I seldom use.  The nice thing about the ramp is that it is located on the winding, very pretty Lafayette River.  The bad thing about the ramp is that it is located on often power boat-filled Lafayette River.  Fortunately yesterday morning both the ramp and river were empty of power boats.  Mostly kayakers were on the peaceful water, and I admit not minding the wolf whistles and cat calls from the all female crew of the racing shell out for a morning practice.  The attention, of course, was directed towards Spartina, not me.

The Lafayette empties in to the Elizabeth River, where I had not sailed since my favorite ramp was closed late last year.  I had planned to sail the tree-lined shores out of Elizabeth City but instead shared the waters with tugs and freighters and colliers on the Elizabeth River.  Two extremes, both very pleasant.  If felt good to be on my home waters.


I watched this catboat riding a nice breeze Saturday afternoon on the James River.  It is a Menger Catboat, either the 17 or 19 foot model.  I have always thought that if I did not have a yawl I would want to sail a catboat.  Three sails seems just right, but a single sail is appealing too.  Maybe I just like odd numbers.


At Bass Pro Shops over the weekend to pick up a new long sleeved sun shirt I came across two new (at least to me) Mountain House freeze dried meals.  Chicken fried rice with vegetables sounds excellent.    Biscuits and gravy - buttermilk biscuits with gravy and pork patty crumbles - should be a favorite here in the south where biscuits and gravy is a traditional meal, and also with cardiologists who are looking for more patients.  I bought one of each for the fall trip.

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