Thursday, July 30, 2015


I am trading out two dry bags.  The 20 liter Seal Line Baja bag, which was my hypothermia/survival kit, will now become the storage bag for freeze dried meals.  And the Ascend 20 liter dry bag, which had held the meal packets, will become my hypothermia/survival kit.  The difference between the two is that the Seal Line bag is smooth on the outside while the Ascend bag has a nylon strap on the side which makes the perfect purchase point for ACR Firefly Plus strobe and flashlight.  Might as well have the safety gear all together.  Spartina, being a small boat, is also her own life boat and I expect to stay with her regardless of what happens.  But if I have to leave, I can grab this one bag and go.

Both ACR strobes are held in place with easily removed velcro straps.

While switching out the bags I did a count on my freeze dried meals.  There were a dozen, enough for the fall sail, but I may pick up another pouch of beef stroganoff, my favorite meal, for the trip.

I've also traded out my incandescent ACR C-Light, which I wore on my inflatable life vest/harness, for a ACR C-Strobe.  Virtually the same size and, no doubt, much more visible.  (I had the chance to talk with a Coast Guard helicopter pilot.  He told me that with their night vision goggles they could spot a burning match on the horizon several miles away.  I would like a little something more than a match to get their attention.) 

Here's one more photo of my sailing companions last weekend.  I'm not much of a social sailor, but I have to say it was a lot of fun to be on the water with Curt and Barry.

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