Friday, July 10, 2015

The Lugworm Chronicles

"That first morning after sleeping on the beach it was strange awakening to the brilliance of the white sandy bay, the unbelievably blue cloudless sky, and behind us the shimmering green waves of the olives climbing the hill, their leaves chattering in the early wind."

I have heard of people buying books based on the first page test:  If that first page grabs you, buy the book.  In this case, the book, The Lugworm Chronicles, passed the first paragraph test.  I ordered it through Amazon from a book dealer in Florida.

The book is a recently published compilation of three narratives by Ken Duxbury as he and his wife sailed a Drascombe Lugger in the 1970s.  The voyages are Lugworm on the Loose, exploring the Greek islands; Lugworm Homeward Bound, the sail back to England; and Lugworm Island Hopping, sailing the Scilly Islands and Hebrides.

Simple cruising in an open boat.  My kind of book.  For those of you who would like to give it the first paragraph, first page or even first couple of chapters test, have a look here.


steve said...

In the middle of reading it now
Highly recommend it but then books are very much personal taste


Steve said...


I think you and I share similar tastes (as well as a name). I'll take your recommendation.


Marius said...

Reading these Lugworm books years ago inspired me to get a Sentinel Explorer. My own little adventures with Dawdle cannot be compared by those of Lugworm, but they still transformed my life.


Lorenzo B said...

Just finished reading it myself. Great adventure, inspirational. It narrates an incredible voyage through a Med that no longer exists....that's the only sad bit about it....