Thursday, December 17, 2015

a gathering of yawls

I heard from some sailing friends that they thought they saw a yawl party on Craford Bay.  It is true, there was a gathering of yawls this past Saturday.  I was aboard Spartina and had the joy of sailing with a Mikesboat and a Drascombe Dabber.  Unplanned and unexpected, it was fun to sail, if just for a few moments, with some other small yawls.

Steve and Scott are "Team Scout" and they are in training for the 2016 Everglades Challenge.   Steve I have known for a few years through meetings out on the river.  He seems to have a fleet of boats, a power boat and at least of couple of sailboats including the Dabber.   For the Everglades Challenge they will use the Mikesboat, above, which Scott bought as a hull and rigged with the masts and polytarp sails.

Check out their Facebook page and you will see that they have been doing some serious training.  They even went down to North Carolina last fall to talk with the watertribe sailors competing in the Blackbeard Challenge, which was a very smart thing to do.  

This season has been very mild so far and I hope it will continue this way, making their training a little bit easier.  There's Steve above in the Dabber.  They say they will be out on the water a lot this winter.  Maybe we'll cross paths again and have another gathering of yawls.


Baydog said...

This fall has been a dream for you, Steve! Merry Christmas!

Steve said...

It has been a great fall, might be a great winter. Merry Christmas to you and the family! steve

Alden Smith said...

Merry Christmas - I think everyone should have a yawl at some point in their sailing life - something for me to look forward to.