Monday, December 21, 2015

a Scamp headed for Tierra del Fuego

I just came across this press release on John Welsford's blog.....

In February 2016 sailor and explorer Howard Rice will attempt to voyage south on the Straits of Magellan and out into the Southern Ocean to explore the remote southwest islands of Tierra del Fuego. Howard Rice sailed the eastern part of the Beagle Channel and south rounding Cape Horn in a fifteen foot wood canvas sailing canoe in 1990. He returns to explore further. His voyage began with the construction of the boat he will sail and Lutra Productions has documented portions of the build to incorporate into the planned film “Below 40 South, A Voyage To The Dark Side Of The Moon.” Rice’s actual voyage begins in January 2016 on arrival of the crated boat in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Rice and the boats designer New Zealander John Welsford will test sail the boat on the wind swept waters of the Straits of Magellan. Lutra Productions will be there to film the launch and test sailing before Rice sets off alone south into the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego and the storm wracked Southern Ocean. There will be no support boat and no film crew following him. He is sailing solo, unsponsored and will be operating a range of small GoPro cameras to record this amazing and historic small boat voyage. Some men and women may choose to cross oceans in small boats but all sailors know near shore navigating is by far the most hazardous, Tierra del Fuego below 40 south is considered the most dangerous ocean environment in the world and is home of the infamous Cape Horn.

Rice will have one year of opportunity to explore the region but hopes to conclude his voyage within six months of his departure unless more time is needed. The southern winter begins in May and Rice has equipped his 12 foot boat with a wood stove should he need it for warmth and is prepared to sail in winter if needed.


SandyBottom said...

I too had read about this. What I find so surprising is that though it looks like it, that is not really a cabin. Seems that kind of protection might be needed. Also can't imagine he can carry enough water and supplies. I'll be following this adventure.

Steve said...

I searched around on the internet and found some photos that show the tent for the boat, which is a very solid tent with a lot of reinforcement. It would turn the boat into a nice shelter, I think. I am curious about water and supplies too. And more so, with the multiple GoPro cameras on board I wonder about power. Quite an adventure. The fact that he paddled around Cape Horn in a small boat gives it all some credibility. I do hope we can track the sail.