Wednesday, December 2, 2015

two observations, not mine

I will share two observations from friends, both of which I think have some credence.

A couple of months ago in Urbanna I was talking to a new friend named Vera about Spartina, telling her that one of the things that caught my eye with the Pathfinder design was the tumblehome, the narrowing of the transom at increased height from the waterline.  You can see it clearly in Barry's photograph above.  Vera doesn't miss a beat, says well of course that's why you liked the boat - men always pick their women and their boats by their backsides.  I started to protest, saying that's not true, but then, um, well, yeah....okay, good point.

Jim B, who sails about 60 miles south of here in the Outer Banks mentioned in an email, after a pleasant sail with light winds over the Thanksgiving weekend, that fall/winter air is cooler and denser, resulting in more speed with light winds.

I think this might also be true.  With a pleasant forecast this weekend I hope to do more research on this topic. 


JimB said...

I love research.


JimB said...

. . . and tumblehome.

Rik said...

I concur. Actively...