Sunday, December 13, 2015

choose your synonym

This photograph appeared on my phone, sent from a number I did not recognize, Friday afternoon.  I did recognize the area code as being from Richmond and then guessed the photograph came from Eddie.  He has a brother who apparently works in one of the tall buildings downtown and, on occasion, looks out over the river and takes photographs with his phone.  I'm not sure of the cause for the vignetting, but I love both the photograph and look of Spartina's sails from that angle.  My thanks to both Eddie and his brother.

I sailed both Friday - low 70's, 8-10 mph wind and a mixture of light overcast and full sun - and Saturday - a record setting 76 degrees, light wind and sunshine all day long.  Considering that we approaching mid-December, the two days of sailing were (choose your synonym) glorious, marvelous, magnificent, sublime, spectacular, lovely, fine, delightful, tremendous.......


Alden Smith said...

Man, don't you know anything - the photo was taken by one of King Neptunes helpers (one of those God thingies that can fly) and then sent by phone (Even Gods keep up with technology these days). I like the synonym 'Sublime' says it all really.

Baydog said...


Steve said...


Obscene. Yes. Just ask my wife who has done all the xmas decorating while I was out sailing.

No doubt you have a great Christmas day menu planned. Enjoy!


Bill said...

Yep. Saturday and Sunday were both pretty amazing for December.

I took my new (to me) motorsickle out for a little jaunt on Saturday.