Thursday, January 7, 2016

a film and two boats

This evening, through I think Lorenzo's blog, I came across the trailer for the documentary film "MAN ON A RIVER, LONDON TO ISTANBUL."  It looks like a wonderful film about sailing and rowing a small boat through 13 countries of Europe and Asia over two years, 3356 miles, 346 locks, over 2000 bridges, eight water tunnels and 18 aqueducts.  The film debuted at a film festival last summer.  Where it can be seen now I don't know.  Hopefully it will show up somewhere on the internet.


I have come across a couple of very nice boats lately, one under the construction and the other being prepared for cruising.  Above is a photograph of Lorenzo's Pathfinder, a beautiful build with teak decks, bunk flat and cockpit sole.  I have corresponded a couple of times with Lorenzo (hope he doesn't mind me stealing the photograph).  I believe he lives in France on the Mediterranean, which must be wonderful for sailing, and he plans to have the Pathfinder ready for a sailing "raid" on Venice Lagoon.  His sons are assisting him with the build, which must be a true joy.  I will look forward to seeing the Pathfinder on the water.   

The photograph above labelled "max and sally" (I'm guess Sally is the boat) arrived in an email from Gene who lives near the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  He found the boat virtually abandoned outdoors, filled with brown water and in poor shape.  He bought and restored the boat, day sailing it on Baltimore Harbor and Sandy Point State Park.  Gene plans on doing some extended sailing this spring and summer.  He had some questions about gear and such and I pointed him to my favorite list for safely heading out on the water.  Good luck, Gene, have fun.


The temperatures have dropped and though it continues to be a mild winter I think my sailing season is done.  I've got a little maintenance to do and hope to be ready to launch in early March.  It has been a challenging, interesting and great year on the water.

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Alden Smith said...

I like the teak floors in the Pathfinder - weathered a nice silver it will look great AND provide a nice floor to bed down on when required.