Tuesday, January 12, 2016

lost and found

I had long thought that virtually all the photographs - there weren't many to start with - of the building of Spartina had been lost.  The build was in the early days of consumer digital cameras and prior to the ease of online photo storage/sharing.  Some photographs were taken, some were printed and some of those were lost.  I had very little in the way of a visual record of the two year experience.  Or so I thought.  

This morning while digging through some drawers in search of an old document I found a birthday card from my youngest daughter.  She decorated the oversized card for my 50th birthday with stickers and hand-written notes and photographs taken during the two year boat building process.  (It is just now that I realize I launched Spartina as I approached 50, the 50 years and the launch being notable points in my life.)  The images will be of little interest to anyone else, the workmanship is not fine or even good boat building (if you want to see that look at the many other Pathfinder build sites on the internet).  But as the blog serves as both my logbook and scrapbook, I will post them here.  Thank you, Grace, for saving the photographs. 


Rik said...

Great stuff Steve! Thanks for posting those pics.

steve said...

Hey I remember when Arwen looked like that. I found a short video clip I took of work in progress whilst searching through my computer hard drive for something else last year. It bought back memories. Great post, as Rik says


EyeInHand said...

What a great find. And everyone is so grown up now: Dad, Daughters and Boat.

Lorenzo said...

Steve, great photos thank you for sharing. Spartina looks a bit like mine pathfinder now ... :) How many adventures those unfinished and yet unpainted planks of plywood wood witness in the years that followed!!

Steve said...

Thanks, guys. Approaching 10 years sailing Spartina: daughter doing well, boat doing well, sailor feeling a bit world weary.