Monday, January 11, 2016

proud father, maintenance, an interview

From Rik comes a nice photograph of his Pathfinder Vanessa with daughter Sara-Ange at the helm.  The email was titled "proud," and proud he should be as Sara-Ange held the tiller for about two hours of sailing on the tropical waters of Aruba.  

I had some thoughts of sailing myself but with temperatures in the low 40s I decided to begin the off-season maintenance by replacing the swivel mount jack on the trailer.  The old one, after nine years of being around salt water (even thought I routinely washed it down and sprayed generously with WD-40) was so rusted it was difficult to crank up or down.  Next on the list: rewiring the trailer lights.  

There is a new youtube interview online with Webb Chiles answering questions about his sailing.  Much of what was discussed I had heard before in other interviews, but the fact that one of the gentlemen was not a sailor brought out some different and interesting questions.  I found the interview enjoyable.  

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