Monday, January 25, 2016

farewell to the shellfish guy

Uncle Chuck, my shellfish guy, passed away over the weekend.

He will be missed, not just for the oysters, clams, scallops,
lobsters, atlantic char and crawfish, but also for his smile, 
his stories and the true joy he found in people. 

Here you will find photographs of some of the shellfish I
picked up at his shack.  I paid for most of it, some he just 
gave to me.  I told him he can't be giving away his seafood. 
He said it was his goddamn shop and he can do what he 
wants.  He smiled, shook my hand and said enjoy.

A better ambassador for Chesapeake oysters 
and clams will not be found.


Curt said...

Sure do need more fellas like him!

steve said...

Hey Steve, I know how much you have enjoyed meeting chuck each time and buying your food from him. My condolences. Hard when a good guy and friend passes away

Baydog said...

We need more like him is right.

Tod Germanica said...

Beautiful shellfish nicely photographed. Good bye Chuck.