Sunday, February 21, 2016

double reefed, reefed and full sail

The guy at the bait shop at the ramp came down to the dock as I pushed Spartina off the trailer.  "There a lot of wind today," he said.  I agreed.  Then he repeated himself, maybe thinking I had not heard him the first time.  It was breezy, out of the wsw, bringing in warm air.  I motored down past the shipyards and raised a double reefed main along with mizzen and jib.  By noon I was down to a single reef and then full sail.  Warm and breezy with a light overcast, a very nice day on the water.

I continued my experiments with the GoPro, mounting the camera this time at the top of the gaff looking forward and down.  I am happy with the results, which can be seen in the previous post.  Should I pass through Old Canal, a narrow overgrown passage connecting Turnagain Bay with Long Bay between the Neuse River and Core Sound in North Carolina, this would be the perfect place to put the camera.

I've started gather the supplies for the spring sail, which will be in North Carolina.  It is still almost three months away but I'll pick up an item or two for the trip each time I'm at the grocery store.

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