Saturday, March 11, 2017

at the finish line, updated with info from Paul

Some photos from Paul at the finish line.  There's the borrowed
EC 22 South Skimmer above, no hint of the broken mast.

from Paul:This was our second broken main mast, 
so we were practiced in dealing with that drill.

There were harrowing wind conditions at first, but also beautiful 

sailing at night under the moon and stars in a clear sky.  Great adventure.

And tandem paddlers Kristen and Dawn.

I wonder if they will be paddling together
again next year.

from Paul:  Dawn says this EC was here best ever.
She and Kristen paddled 12 hours a day, camped 12 hours,
and had two beers at each checkpoint.
They plan to use the double-kayak single-blade-paddles
approach repeatedly in the future.
The loved it.

And in these photos I see Graham, Alan and Dawn, Paul
apparently hiding behind the camera.  
Looks like everybody is having fun.  

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