Friday, March 3, 2017


Tomorrow the Everglades Challenge launches out of For De Soto Park bound for Key Largo.  Dawn and Kristen, veteran EC'ers, will be for the first time paddling a tandem kayak in the race.  Paul and Alan will be sailing the EC 22 Southern Skimmer. 

 I have been following the race now for a decade and enjoy it every year.  Good luck to all.  The clock on the watertribe page shows 16 hours until launch time.


A few thousand miles away Webb is approaching St. Helena, his last yellow brick mark showing GANNET 183 miles away and making a little under five knots.  Winds are steady in the 14 to 16 mph range.  Maybe in by Monday??  


And much thanks to efforts by Bill, Eddie and Barry to tell me where I was the other day when I took the photograph above.  That's New Point Comfort with Mobjack Bay behind it.  I gotta get up there and do some sailing someday.  As for now, a chilly, sunny forecast with good wind should have me down in Elizabeth City tomorrow.

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