Saturday, March 4, 2017

maybe earlier, definitely later

I had thought Webb  would arrive St. Helena Island by Monday, but checking GANNET'S yellow brick chart I wonder if it could be tomorrow.  

The Everglades Challenge will be starting a day late, the delay caused by 20 knot winds.  I guess after the start a few years ago with about a dozen rescues they seem to be making decisions with a little more safety in mind.  To account the for the lost day the starting line is moved to Checkpoint #1.  From Kristen's instagram account it looks like everyone was enjoying the extra day of rest and relaxation.

It could have been a little warmer this morning in Elizabeth City.  Temperature at launch was 38 degrees, warming to 49 degrees by the time I came in mid-afternoon.  Winds were light in the morning, steady in the afternoon.  Yes, it could have been warmer but I did fine with my ice-breaker thermals.  A nice day on a beautiful river.

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