Saturday, March 18, 2017

at least the hull was green

I couldn't figure out why there weren't any other boats at the ramp yesterday morning.  It couldn't have been the clear blue sky that kept them away, nor the forecast of steady winds out of the north swinging to WNW early afternoon.  Could it have been the 40 degree temperature?  Maybe.  But with a good set of thermals....

I was out on the river sailing when a text reminded me it was St. Patrick's Day.  Wearing nothing green I took solace in the fact that Spartina's hull is green, Interlux Sea Green to be specific.

Much thanks to Eddie who forwarded these photographs from his brother who works in one of the tall buildings downtown. 

I do believe I saw my first snow birds of the year, two large powerboats heading north.  The full migration should be underway in a few weeks as all the boats that went south last fall make the return trip.

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