Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a day at the beach, Cape May

As I research our upcoming trip I've become curious about Cape May.  I hear and read lots of things about a nice little summer town on the beach, quaint houses and good seafood.  Just the kind of place we would like to visit.  And of course I hear and read tortuous things about the water, fast running tides and serious chop.  I suspect there is some truth to it all.    

I wanted to take a peek for myself, so I searched around the web this morning to find this Surf Cam.  The camera is located at "The Cove" in Cape May.  Watch the view for a moment and you will see the camera swing from east to west where you will get a view of the Cape May Lighthouse.  The weather conditions as of now - Tuesday morning - show 5 kts of wind and waves of one foot.  It looks, at least at this moment, like a nice day at the beach.  I wish I were out there sailing.


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Bill said...

I just looked right now - 9:00 p.m. - and it looks like it's blowing stink! The flag is whipping and a utility wire in the foreground is swinging around. Looks pretty choppy out there...