Monday, April 5, 2021

I can breathe again

Finished installing hardware about 8 a.m., down to the ramp in Elizabeth City by 9:00, out on the water with the new mizzen mast before 10:00.  What a relief!

New mast worked perfectly.  Just about a month from the time of the mast failure to sailing again.  My thanks to the students and teachers at the boat shop.

I received a question from "doatley" as to why I did not continue sailing with the main and jib.  "Balance" is my reply.  The boat is perfectly balanced with the three sails and also balanced under mizzen and jib.  Without the mizzen SPARTINA is a poorly balanced sloop with the center of effort for the sails much too far forward.  If I had 20 or 30 miles to go I might have given it a shot.  But not 100+ miles.  Had it been an emergency I could have made progress.  It was not an emergency, it was supposed to be fun.  And one other point, the boom tent relies on support from the mizzen mast.  It partially collapses without one.  Again, this is supposed to be fun.  A couple rainy nights without a proper tent?  Not fun.

I can't wait to get back down there next year.

 The trailer took a beating on I-95.  I replaced it with a new one.  This is the reflected of the fenders on SPARTINA'S hull.  Kind of interesting.


Rik_Studio said...

Excellent work, she looks strong and spiffy with that new mast pointing to the sky!

Tom said...

Most excellent and beautiful. And makes me feel ashamed of how far behind I am in my Spring Prep boatwork, fortunately it's mostly just cosmetic stuff, and tighten some bolts. As you say - this is supposed to be fun, the one part of life without deadlines, don't sweat it. But her new suit of sails are on the way (from Maine!), arriving Wednesday, and I'm so excited to get out on the water and try them out. Here's hoping you get in a Spring Cruise in the Carolinas!

doatley said...

Thanks for the reply, Steve! I've always wondered how the balance would be on the Pathfinder under main and jib...and now I know! Glad you're back on the water.


Lorenzo said...


Steve said...

Thank you, Lorenzo. I hope all is well with you and the family. Steve