Wednesday, January 19, 2022

workboat finish, of course

Look close and you'll see three sets of dowels that have been put in the gaff jaws, one for each time I have replace the leather.  I drill out the hole left from the tack and epoxy in a piece of hardwood dowel.  At some point I wonder if SPARTINA will just be a bunch of dowels held together by epoxy.

Conditions this afternoon - mid-50s, sunny and a nice breeze - were perfect for multiple coats of Bristol Varnish.  At some point in the next couple weeks, should be get another warm day, I'll do a few more coats.  I did get enough on the jaws and the new mainsheet cam cleat pad that I can put leather on the jaws and install the new cam cleat.  

 Next big job will be fresh bottom paint.  With our forecast for the next couple week being in the 30s, that job may have to wait until February.


Clark said...

Or a bunch of epoxy held together by dowels :)

She looks great Steve.

Steve said...

Thanks (but don't look too closely!).