Thursday, September 8, 2022

I'll pass on the crab cake

 I read of a new crab house on the western shore of the bay that sounded interesting.  Thought I might give it a try if I'm on that side of the bay.  But then I google mapped it and, yeah, I'll take a pass on that place.


Tom said...

Yeah, well...Deale, what did you expect. They are too close to DC for their own good. Stick to the tried and true - Cutler's, up Mill Creek - that's the way to go. Great food and very boater-friendly, which is amazing given how close they are to Crabtown and all the Ego Row craziness.

Speaking of which, if you are transiting thru that area and need a good anchorage, Harness Creek Cove off the South River is the place to go. Beautiful and tranquil, and the bar across the mouth keeps the big boats out. It's the first cove on the right when you go up Harness Creek, the county has done us all a favor and made the surrounding land into "Quiet Waters Park." All the best for your fall cruise!

Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, There are several places to get real crab cakes in Solomons..I seem to recall you sailed right by my house last year..I will try pay closer attention this time if you are on the western shore again.

Steve said...

Tom, I have heard of Harness Creek and have it on my list of potential spots to visit. Yes, Shawn, that was an unplanned stop. I'll give you a heads up if I'm headed that way again. Steve