Thursday, September 1, 2022

rigging test in Betsy Town

A day with light winds and comfortable temperatures, perfect for a short sail to check out SPARTINA'S rigging.

I do not recall when I last sailed on the beautiful Pasquotank River.  I found myself nostalgic for the tree-lined shores, the old marinas and downtown park with a boat ramp.  I first began sailing there in 1988 with my old Devlin-designed Nancy's China.  And I sailed there for many years in SPARTINA, the winter sailing being a pure joy.

This was just a brief outing.  All the rigging is good to go.  I might make a minor adjustment but it is more cosmetic than anything.

Just looking at these pictures now I feel Elizabeth City tugging at my heart.  I need to get back down there more often.

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Shawn Stanley said...

Looking good Steve. I hope we meet up some day when you are on the Chesapeake again.