Monday, September 26, 2022

MiRaSar (Mini Raid Sardegna)

 Just now catching up on Lorenzo's sailing raid.  Formerly known as MiRaVar it is now called MiRaSar.  The big news to me is that they had three Pathfinders in this year's sail.  Here is the link for the site, you'll find some wonderful photographs there.

It is early morning here and I will soon be leaving on my own (solo) sailing raid.  Just thought I would post a few photographs from the MiRaSar.  Congratulations Lorenzo on year number five! (And please say hello to my friend Enrico.  Will we be seeing some videos??)



Shawn Stanley said...

WOW...that is awesome. Nice to see the fleet getting bigger!

Timo said...

This is what travelling should be like! What could be better than being able to combine travel and hobby?