Saturday, August 7, 2010

and for those who love hot weather

Check out SandyBottom's Annual Vacation to Hell, a fifty mile kayak paddle from Cedar Island up the Neuse River and then down the Harlow Canal to Beaufort. Dawn describes it as "hot, humid, buggy and long."

She and her kayaking friends left Cedar Island this morning, there is her SPOT track. If you want to follow along you can see the track here.

Dances with SandyBottom, aka Dawn's husband Paul, asked me a few weeks ago if I might be interested in sailing with him this weekend along a similar path, or possibly down the Core Sound side, to meet up with the kayaks in Beaufort. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) my schedule didn't have room for a weekend trip. It would have been fun, but it would also have been hot, humid and buggy (but sometimes it is dealing with all the challenges that makes it fun). Thanks for the invite Paul, maybe we can all go to hell together next year.


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DancesWithSandyBottom said...


Thanks for this post! I am 'here' and not 'there'. My work toward finishing Dawn's new kayak in time for the Watertribe's 2010 NC Challenge took priority over sailing this weekend. The sailing forecast did not seem too tempting and I'm enjoying boat-building in air conditioned comfort. Meanwhile Dawn and all _seem_ to have 'ok' weather: high of 86F, light favorable winds. Have not heard if they have been dodging any lightning bolts. At 5pm, radar is showing a thunderstorm 9 miles SW of their position.