Sunday, August 29, 2010

blue skies

Out for a sail today on a fantastic day with hints of fall. Winds were not quite as advertised, but I heard not complaints from the crew.

First sight as I came out of the ramp area, a Staten Island ferry. They bring them down here for maintenance.

One of my goals for today were to check out the electronics for the upcoming fall cruise. Had both the SPOT and the new gps on hand. Still getting adjusted to the new gps.

And here is the SPOT track. Nice sail down the river, mostly at 2 or 3 knots. Very relaxing and fun.

Caught this cormorant taking off in flight.

And enjoyed the deep blue sky.

Not as many boats on the water as I would have expected, but did see this nice deadrise and a few local sailboats. The snowbirds won't be showing up for a few more weeks.

And for dinner, grilled corn with lime/cumin/chili butter, grilled gulf of mexico shrimp and local "dry" scallops grilled on rosemary stems. What a great day.



Baydog said...

How dry I am
How dry I am

Remember that one? Dry scallops are the only way to go.

How do you get to Staten Island?

S R Wood said...

Steve, do you grill your corn with the husk off? in foil?

That's the method I use. It seals in moisture but makes it impossible to see when the corn is burnt. I've tried grilling the corn right on the grill, unwrapped, but it dries out. But yours looks perfect.

And I meant to applaud your Riddle of the Sands post. A classic! One of my favorite sections is when Davies is throwing things overboard that displease him ... to the point where Carruthers wonders whether Davies buys things simply in order to heave them into the water.

Steve said...

I agree on the dry scallops. Can't beat 'em. I had to drive 25 extra miles and pay a few extra bucks but it was well worth it.

I've tried grilling corn several different way but finally learned the right way from The Minimalist at the NY Times. Shuck the corn, place on grill, cook til done. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Google the minimalist and grilled corn and you'll see a nice video on the topic.
How's the boat coming?


EyeInHand said...

Alternate version on the corn: Soak husk and all in water for a few minutes, then put the whole thing on the grill until the husk looks thoroughly toasted. Sort of steams it in the husk, which peels back easily into an Adam's Forkish handle. The scallops and shrimp look totally amazing.