Thursday, August 19, 2010

a pathfinder in Texas

Checking out the jwbuilders group tonight I saw there is another Pathfinder approaching completion, this one in Texas. Two of my favorite things - a Pathfinder and Texas (I lived in Texas for seven years and enjoyed every minute of it!).

Check on the blog on this build here. Not only do you get to see photos of a Pathfinder under construction, but you'll also get to see Chuck from Duckworks, below right, dropping in for a visit. Pretty cool. (Chuck was the source for my Pathfinder plans and a bunch of the hardare too.) This boat looks primed for the Texas 200.

Jon, I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a couple of your photos. The boat looks great. Can't wait to see it on the water.



Steve in New Haven said...

How much would you say that it would cost, in materials, to build a Pathfinder ... complete ready to sail?

Steve said...

I would put that question out on the jwbuilders website. My build was six years ago so my prices on materials would be out of date. Several pathfinders have been built since then, others are approaching completion. I would check with those guys and see what they say.

Jon said...

Thanks Steve, no problem using the images. I have always read your blog for inspiration during my build, but I only just came across this post.

Regarding Steve in New Haven's question on cost to build, I couldn't bring myself to do a full accounting. I used marine ply, douglas fir, and white oak, all of which is not cheap where I live. I bought a new honda outboard, new sails and rigging from Duckworks,
good used trailer and am using expensive (marine) paint. I switched from West Systems epoxy to cheaper stuff mid-build. All of that together can easily come to somewhere between 7 and 8K. If it is more, I don't want to know! I'm sure it can be done more frugally than I have.