Sunday, August 8, 2010

light and variable

Light and variable winds, at best, today on the Elizabeth River. Hot and humid with a thick fog in the early morning.
I was out on the river by 9 a.m. as a little breeze kicked in. Sailed by Arden, a sailboat that has been anchored out in Crawford Bay since spring. The owner told me back then they he was working on the boat this summer, getting ready to head south in the fall. Seeing her today made me realize fall is not that far away. I wonder when she'll leave.

I also talked to the skipper of Isabella, a very classic double ender I've seen around for years. I've seen her in the distance when sailing or sometimes on the waterway when crossing over a bridge. Traffic was so light on the river today he motored over to say hello. Beautiful boat. He described her as a "Finnish Trawler", said most of that design were made of wood but his was fiberglass (with plenty of brightwork).

By noon that light breeze died out completely. So I floated around for a while and eventually cranked up the outboard to head back to the ramp. (In the distance you can see the turn of the century homes of the Swimming Point neighborhood on the Portsmouth waterfront.)

Not the best sailing day I've had, but a nice day on the water. A good chance to get out, check out the boat and think about things I need to do to get ready for the fall sail.


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