Saturday, August 7, 2010

nice boat Tom!

Browsing the web last night and I came across these photos of, I think, Tom Williamson's Pathfinder at the Small Reach Regatta. You can see the photos here.

Beautiful boat, I really like those tan bark sails (I think those may be from Dabbler Sails).

I hope to get out for a day sail tomorrow. Hot and light winds but that ok, it's that time of year.



Jim Vibert said...

Maybe in your planning you should start the thinking process for a Pathfinder rendezvous on the east coast somewhere? I should be in the water by late spring.

Steve said...

I'm not the organizing type but the mid-atlantic small craft festival would be an pretty obvious choice for a get together. We had a fleet of "two" there last year, the Navigator "Slip Jig" and Spartina. It would be nice to have a few more Welsford boats in the show. steve