Tuesday, May 14, 2013

crawfish, by the numbers

20 lbs of select crawfish
12 to 15 crawfish per pound

24 hours from swamp to door,

3 lemons
2 tablespoons crab boil
3 packets of seasoning
20 quart pot with steamer basket

2 minutes in boiling water
15 minutes soaking in the spiced hot water
10-15 minutes of steaming in a cooler

10 minutes for boiling potatoes
5 minutes for boiling the corn

a dozen friends and neighbors, maybe more
two daughters coming home to visit

can't wait



my2fish said...

Never had them, but I am seriously intrigued. Sounds like a fun day.

Steve said...

I would give it a shot. Maybe get ten pounds of crawfish, a few friends and a couple of six packs. Very social meal. Kind of the seafood version of fondue. Great video on the company's website showing how it is done.


my2fish said...

Hmm... that video was very helpful. I'll think about it!

Baydog said...

Any food that involves working to get the meat out while you drink is my favorite kind.