Thursday, May 30, 2013

the minimalist

I have to run over to the Eastern Shore for work this weekend.  I kind of like being able to say that.  There are far worse places to go for work.

The destination is the town of Onancock.  Things have worked out such that I will have Spartina in tow and will get to do some sailing on Onancock Creek, spending a night anchored on a smaller creek.  Yes, this is work.  Somebody has to do it.

This is an interesting event for me.  Typically I either day sail or go for a multiple-day cruise.  This is somewhere in between.  I need more than what I take for a daysail, less than what I take for a week long cruise.  I am paring things down, figuring out the minimal amount of gear for being comfortable and safe overnight.  Bivy?  Yes.  Stove?  No. Cook kit? No.  Food - just snacks really, I'll be eating my meals in some of Onancock's better restaurants (on the company dime no less).  Change of clothes?  Yes, I would like to be presentable.  Light kit?  No, but I do need to bring along an anchor light.  Thermals? No.  Basic safety gear?  Yes, that is always on board.  EPIRB?  No.  SPOT?  Maybe - but I won't be using the tracking function when sailing on a four mile long creek.  Eight gallons of bottled water?  No, but I'll have plenty of 12 oz. bottles of water on board.  Boom tent?  Not with a weekend forecast of clear skies.

This is a nice little challenge for me - figure out what I need for a night or two and be ready to throw my gear in the duffle bag and do a quick trip.  Why not enjoy all those little creeks, rivers and bays that line Chesapeake Bay and the sounds of North Carolina.  Something to sleep in, something to snack on. Why not?  See a nice weekend forecast?  Grab the basics and enjoy an overnight trip. 

I just need to remember that I am working.  Should you be out on Onancock Creek this weekend and see a yawl with a green hull, please say hello.



Bill said...

You keep using this word: "work". I do not think it means what you think it means.

Steve said...


1. an activity where you have fun and get paid for it while pretending that labor is involved.

(Am I missing something here?)

Shawn Stanley said...

Onancock is a great town. I have not made it there in several years now..I need to get back there!

We really enjoyed "The Blarney Stone" pub.