Thursday, May 2, 2013


The forecast for the first couple of days of the trip include clear skies, strong wind out of the NNE and five foot swells coming out of the east.

I did not know what to make of the swells.  Five foot swells seemed large, and the 10 second period seemed close together.  I emailed the information to Webb Chiles, who has seen just about every kind of swell there is and much of that from his Drascombe 18' Lugger yawl Chidiock Tichborne (just a little larger than Spartina).  He replied that five foot swells are large for a small boat, particularly in relatively shallow water (30 feet or so).  Webb added that swells on the beam means that the boat will be rolling quite a bit.

That bit of information, combined with the fact that both the air and water are cooler than expected for this time of year, makes me think that we should take the inside route behind the barrier islands.  The wind for sailing inside is just about perfect.  I would have liked to have sailed outside for at least part of the trip, but at the same time friends who have sailed the Eastern Shore seaside have all talked about the beauty of sailing behind the barrier islands.  So it may be for the best.

Yes, there is some rain a few days into the trip.  And sustained winds in the low 20's with gusts to 30 - perfect for mizzen and jib sailing, maybe a reefed or double reefed main thrown in.  Got to love the yawl rig.

I met Bruce at the airport this evening.  I've got to work tomorrow, he has a list of chores to do to get ready for the trip.  We'll sort through the gear tomorrow evening, be on the road saturday morning.



Shawn Stanley said...

Steve & Bruce.
Have a great trip!


Steve said...

Thanks, Shawn!