Monday, May 6, 2013

the end is near

It was the weather that did us in.  Not the 23 mph winds gusting to the mid-30's of yesterday.  It was most likely one of the hurricanes of the last decade that pushed Metomkin Island onto the only passage south.  That is Bruce, looking slightly dejected, standing on our supposed waterway.

We tried, which I will explain later in detail, to find another way south inside the barrier islands.  What we learned is that maneuvering a boat with two masts in 20 mph winds over skinny water (which allows little use of centerboard and rudder) is not a plan for success.

I have to say the trip, though brief, was fun.  Waterways were absolutely beautiful.  

More later.


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MaryLou said...

Looks like you next project may be to add wheels to Spartina? Sorry the trip didn't work out as expected but glad it wasn't an equipment failure (other than the lack of wheels) that did you in. Hope you and Bruce are finding ways to enjoy the rest of your week. Will look forward to the rest of the account - and the photos - and to seeing what's next.