Friday, July 12, 2013


It was my friend Paul, aka DanceswithSandyBottom, who pointed out the flags on the tall ships are bigger than Spartina.  A lot bigger, as you can see from this photo from the 2011 Downrigging Weekend.

That apparently doesn't matter to the Sultana Project.  They have invited me back for this year's Downrigging Weekend, giving Spartina a very nice slip on the Canon Street pier next to the dinghy dock and not too far from the Smith Island Crab Skiffs.  It is a prime slip if you ask me, close to the Fish Whistle restaurant and easy walking distance to the entertainment stage.

There is a lot of sailing to be done between now and then, but I'll be looking forward to the first weekend in November with the tall ships in Chestertown.



Rich said...

Very cool Steve! I hope to make it up there this year!

Bill said...

Oh man, I'm hoping I can make it up there again this year.

Here's also hoping it's not a sleet hurricane, like it was a couple years ago.

Steve said...

It was a sleet hurricane two years ago, a real hurricane - Sandy - last year. It seems odds are in favor of decent weather this year.