Tuesday, July 9, 2013

sailboats, floating and otherwise

A little more information about the boats on the water this past Sunday.  BayDog, also known as Dave, tells me the red hull is a San Juan 21, a very fast boat.  The owner, whose name I do not know, did tell me a little about the boat's new outboard.  It is a propane powered Lehr four stroke.  He says they use small propane canisters which last about an hour and a half running time.  He was clearly a big fan of the outboard and his enthusiasm had me interested too.  I started doing a comparison on cost, fuel capacity, etc, but when I checked their website I could only find a 2.5 hp with a short shaft.  Spartina requires a long shaft.  So I think my next outboard, hopefully before the summer is out, will be a Honda 2.3 four stroke, with a long shaft.

And below is Rich's Sea Sprite, an Alberg design with a full keel.  It's a beautiful boat.  They tie up at the marina on the Portsmouth waterfront - I expect I'll be seeing more of them this summer.

And below is one more boat from, quite literally, the river.  This boat had been anchored in Craford Bay for the last several years.  I may have seen some people row out to her in a canoe a few seasons ago, but I may be confusing her with another boat.  In any case, she was a derelict.  During one of the storms this past winter, maybe Sandy, she went submersible.  Someone had marked her with an orange buoy, but she was still a hazard in the bay.  I was happy to see her being hauled away to the refuse pile.



S R Wood said...

Steve -- How interesting that you mention the Lehr. I've looked at it as well for my build ... but my plans call for a short shaft(!). I guess the pertinent issue is length, regardless of whether it's short or long. I don't have the info in front of me, but I took the Lehr specs, measured my motorwell, and I think it will work. You may be in luck....

Steve said...


I'll have to look at that. I have a long shaft and that has always seemed just right for Spartina. When I get home I'll so some measurements.
The other issue is the way the propane can juts out of the back of the outboard - which would cause me to cut out more of the aft deck than I like.


Rich said...

Thanks for the photo and the kind words Steve! I looked at the Lehr but, having a motorwell, it did not fit. I would have loved to put a Torqueedo on Heritage, but that did not fit either...so I went with a Mercury 3.5 Long Shaft. It has done well by me. SO HAPPY they carted that sunk boat out of Crawford Bay! There are too many abandoned boats submerged around Hampton Roads already! Best Wishes!