Monday, July 22, 2013

the old men and the sea

Saturday afternoon I set sail with Kevin, below, and his marina neighbor, Webb.  It was a treat.  Amongst the three of us, there were no spring chickens on board.


Kevin navigated us down the channel from Quivira Basin to the ocean, then turned the tiller over to me.  This was presented to me as an opportunity to sail a boat larger than Spartina, but really I think Kevin wanted to relax and visit with Webb while I did the work.  They chatted, I tried to figure out how to sail a sloop with sails many times larger than those on my yawl.  We sailed a couple of miles out, then back in.  Coming into the channel we found ourselves racing a boat flying a spinnaker.  Somehow we held our ground, maybe even won the race (but I'm not sure the other boat realized they were in a race).  All credit was given deservedly to the helmsman (me) . 

I had met Kevin last January when I visited Webb's sailboat Gannet.  Webb could not make it to the coast at the time, but he had told Kevin I might be dropping by.  Kevin was a gracious host, welcoming me to the marina and offering a sail should I have time.  Then I did not have time, this past week I did.  Webb joined us for the afternoon sail, it being a rarity for Webb to sail on another boat.  Webb told me he has certain standards for people he sails with, standards he (thankfully) relaxed in this instance. 

At the dock it was a pleasant evening.  Webb invited us aboard Gannet as the overcast sky broke and the sun came through.  A glass of warm white wine (there being no refrigeration), a sip of Laphroaig - I can imagine no better way to end a trip to San Diego.


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Baydog said...

Exemplary evening.