Tuesday, July 30, 2013

from Curt....

My artist friend Curt, who sails a Drascombe Longboat by the name of Annie, surprised me today with a sketch he had drawn of Spartina on the Elizabeth River last fall.  I did know of one sketch he had made, which he gave to me and is now framed and in our living room.  You can see some of his other artwork here.  

I did not know about this other one.  My wife put it best when she said Curt took the very industrial, military area where I day sail and turned it into something beautiful.  The son of a Navy family, I have always found the ships and shipyards beautiful - but I had no way of communicating that beauty.  Curt found a way.

Thank you, Curt.


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Baydog said...

Now that's something I'd like to have on my wall.