Wednesday, September 18, 2013

busy, but not that busy; gear; tracking page

Here is my SPOT tracking page.  Or you can copy and paste the url below and it will take you to the same place.  Should you go there now, you get a message that there are no tracking messages to display.  Go there this weekend and hopefully there will be messages.

I have also added a "gadget" at right, with this same photo as an icon that will take you to the tracking page.  Just click on the picture.  


It seems like there should be more gear than this, and there is.  The eight gallons of water, boom tent, sleeping gear (bivy, mat and sleeping bag), fishing tackle, flares, spare parts and a bunch of other stuff are already on board.  This trip is unusual in that the drive to the ramp is so short - only 45 minutes.  Much of the gear, food and water will be in place on Spartina as I make the pre-dawn drive to Elizabeth City.


I've got a lot going on between working, packing and planning.  But not so much that I would pass up on a nice meal.  My shellfish guy, Uncle Chuck, forced a couple of Church Point oysters on me the other day.  I tried to turn him down a couple of times, nearly got away, was climbing into the jeep when he comes running across the parking lot.  "Look at the size of these gd things!"  They are wild caught oysters from just inside Lynnhaven Inlet.  I did not measure them, but to give you an idea of size, that is a full-size steak platter in the photo above. 

Like I said, I'm busy these days.  But some garlic butter and panko, a few minutes under the broiler, served on a bed of roasted potato and sweet onion.  Yeah, well, better get back to work.


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