Monday, September 16, 2013

I can see clearly now, sharing

Busy, busy, busy.  Picked up spare spark plugs, two jetboil fuel canisters, a spoon and a spork for my freeze dried meals (though I'm told a spoon is the more efficient way to go I figure I can experiment at a cost of .79 cents) and a new pair of prescription polarized sunglasses.  I don't like to wear sunglasses and have not owned a pair for years.  But as of late, and maybe because of age, I find my eyes aching in the late afternoon sun.  I hope these will help.

I did a test charge of a dead Fuji X20 battery with the Goal Zero sherpa battery and solar panel.  On Sunday, a bright sunny day, the X20 battery went from dead to fully charged in about two hours, and the sherpa battery pack returned to a full charge in another 30 minutes or so.  This was in optimal conditions, so I won't expect that result every time.  But I do think the idea of keeping my batteries charged is feasible.

A note from SandyBottom lets me know I had the wrong start dates for the Watertribe Pamlico Challenge.  It begins a week from this coming Friday - I had thought it was scheduled to begin this coming Friday.  What does that change for me??  Location is all.  I had expected to possibly run into some of the fleet Monday or Tuesday on the ICW somewhere between the Bay River and the Alligator River.  Now I might run across the fleet the anywhere from the Neuse River to Beaufort or on Core Sound - early in their trip and mid-way through mine.

Thinking about the kayakers in the EC, from whom I have stolen many equipment ideas over the years, I was realizing how much more storage space I have on Spartina as compared to a kayak.  I still don't know how they pack gear and food for a week on those kayaks.  I have the the luxury of space - lots of space - and that is what allows me to carry little goodies like the cups of fruit that I enjoy with each meal.  With this is mind, if any Watertribe kayaker comes within hailing distance please give me a shout and I'll share a cup of fruit and sweet syrup (as long as supplies last).  It's only fair to share.


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