Friday, September 27, 2013


Anchored in a little creek off the west end of Old Canal near the bottom of Turnagain Bay. Too windy to sail up the bay, even windier on the Neuse River. I'll stay here for the day, clean up, charge batteries, read, fish and maybe take a nap. steve


Anonymous said...


Good thing you're not staying the night there. In retracing your "Walkabout 2011" track, I spent the night in Long Bay on the East side of Old Canal.

Some of them mosquitos were so big, you could see numbers on their wings.

Hope you have better luck on Adams Creek. I left Beaufort last Sunday at 11 AM, and the tide had turned south near the Sea Gate Marina.

I had to tack back and forth across the creek with 18 mph winds, before reaching the spot where the creek turns NW to the Neuse River. Was on the water for seven hours.

Also had a close encounter with a very wide barge at the Core Creek Bridge.

Fair winds on your excursion.

Tim said...

I would imagine the wind can be a hassle while sailing.

Bill said...

When there's too much of it, yeah.