Thursday, September 19, 2013

the gold standard

Every trip I use a Watertribe checklist to make sure I have the gear on board Spartina for a safe trip.  Each trip I use a different mark to check off each item as I go down the list.  I have used "ok", "#" and check marks red and black.   The photo above shows just one side of the page, the right side has another set of marks for a few more trips.  This evening I found a gold pen, a remnant I suspect from the girls' high school years.  I marked off each item with a gold circle.  Everything, and a little bit more, is ready to go.



S R Wood said...

Steve -- fair winds! It's a beautiful time of year. Watching with interest and envy..


Steve said...

thanks, Seth!

Simon said...

Hi Steve, Have a great trip. My wife laminated our check lists so now we use a dry erase pen and the lists last forever.

Cheers, Simon.